Wigs for Kids Hair Donation

Have you ever wanted to make a drastic change to your hair? Like really drastic? I have, and I do it about every 2-3 years. We are actually at the 2 year mark since I cut 18 inches of my hair and made a donation to Wigs for Kids.

Before cutting my hair it was SO long. Long enough that I was sitting on it, getting it caught in things, and it took FOREVER to do anything with it. So, I decided that after my wedding that I would get it cut and donate my hair to an organization that made wigs for cancer patients. I reached out to a few friends to find the best organization to donate to, as I wanted it to go to a true non profit organization.


Who to choose? Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids, or Pantene Beautiful Locks? After a lot of research on my end I chose to go with Wigs for Kids. I chose this organization because they truly donate full wigs to children. There is absolutely no cost to the recipient, which normally would have cost approx. $1,800.  They also use ALL of the hair provided to them. They do not throw hair away unless it was molded during shipment, which happens when you ship wet hair.

Donating to Wigs for Kids is a really simple process. You need at MINIMUM 12 inches of hair, and it can not be colored, treated, or dreadlocked. Check out this link to their frequently asked questions for hair donations. Once you have decided to donate, make an appointment at your local salon, or check out the salon ambassadors for the organization here. Some shops will offer free or discounted hair cuts with your donation. After your hair is cut, head over to the donation form and fill it out to receive your tracking number. If you would also like to make a financial donation with your hair make sure to fill out this donation form.

So long!

Why do I choose to donate my hair? Well, its pretty simple. Why not? I don’t need the extra hair, it doesn’t need to be thrown away and I would want someone to show me kindness like this if I ever needed it. I would want someone to help my child if god forbid he ever need to use this resource. I use this answer for a lot of things in life when people ask me such questions.  We all need to reach deep down in our hearts and have this outlook in life. We have to come together and do what we can to help each other.

So much shorter!









This week marks two years since I gave my last donation and it’s about that time to have it cut again. My hair grows super crazy fast as is almost as long as it was two years ago who I donated. I had previously let it grow a little longer because I was getting married and wanted my long hair for my wedding photos.

Feeling Beautiful

Being that I live in Florida and summers are nothing short of living in a constant sweat, its about time for a shorter do. So make sure you stay tuned to my social media pages to see my new hair do!  Let me know below if you have ever made a donation or if you plan to! I’d love to see your before and after photos!

❤️ Brittny


Realizing that you have lost your true self.

Have you ever laid in bed at night and just felt that you had lost or were losing your self? This is something I have struggled with recently, and I am determined to find my way back to the old me. While I know that I can’t be exactly who I was a year ago, I know I can at least get back to the happy me.

It all started in January 2016,  I was still recovering from our car accident and was dealing with lots of medical issues. I wasn’t able to do anything by my self, even the simplest of task took forever. I had severe neck and back pains, as well as a full leg brace covering my knee and my ankle. While some injuries have healed, some have not and have cause a life long disability. These injuries are where a lot of my resentment come in as I am no longer able to do the things I once could.

Fast forward to March of 2016, I took my grandma to the ER after months of severe pain. She was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. This hit me like a tun of bricks. I felt like I couldn’t breath and my world was ending. I wasn’t ready to lose her. By July, she was no longer able to care for her self and was moved to full hospice care. She was here with us, with my mother in law, my husband and I by her side until she took her last breath.

They say your world can’t end until you died. But apparently they have never experienced losing someone who means the complete world to you. If an doctor would have told me that cutting of my right arm would have saved her, I would have sawed it off my self. The morning she died my world felt like it ended. I couldn’t breath, I could barely cry. I knew she was in a better place but that wasn’t good enough for me.

Since these things have happened I have fallen into a huge rutt. I feel like I am no longer my self, that everything is different. I have lost my self, the old me. There are now all the limitations on what I can do. Somethings as simple as walking, standing, sitting, shopping, being a mom, are now difficult. So many things I want to go do, but I know that I won’t be able to walk long distance without stopping, I won’t be able spend the day shopping all at one time.

Now it’s March, 2017 and I have decided that I am done being in a rutt, I want me back. I know it won’t be the same me as before, but a better newer me. I will learn to deal with my disabilities and my limitations. I will find ways to be happy and now get down. The first plan of action is working at getting my house back in full order. I know this is going to take days if not weeks, but it will get done.

I am excited to start this new journey to find the new me. I am excited to see where this year takes us and what adventures we will embark on as a family. Fingers crossed this includes getting ready for our big move.

Have you ever lost your self, or gotten into a rutt? What helped get you out of it?  I look forward to your comments.


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Our Pregnancy Loss

In 2012, my husband(my long term boyfriend at the time) and I decided that we were ready to start a family. We had some hurtles ahead. I have several heart conditions and a cardiac pacemaker, so we wanted to check with all my doctors before moving forward with our journey.

Our first step in this process was to speak to my OBGYN. We spoke about having my Mierna birth control removed, the risk of pregnancy, any possible issues with my heart, etc. He recommended that I speak with my cardiologist before moving forward, but didn’t see any reason that we wouldn’t be able to being trying.

Our second step was to meet with a cardiologist. We also just moved back to the area, so I was meeting with a new cardiologist. Our first appointment was great, he also saw no reason for us to not begin trying. So we went ahead and scheduled to have my Mirena removed as soon as possible.

After my Mierna was removed I had a follow up with the cardiologist. He recommended that I have an Echocardiogram done just to be on the safe side, but he expected everything to come back clear as it had in the past. We scheduled the echo for as soon as possible. He never told us to wait, or not continue trying.

The day of my echocardiogram was just like any other day. I went in, the test was done, and nothing was said to me. The following day I received a call from my OBGYN’s office. They said that my doctor had some concerns and needed to follow up with me, but that it wasn’t urgent. So my appointment was made for the end of the month. I never received a call from the cardiologist, so I never even thought about there being an issue with my heart.

The day of my follow up with the OBGYN came, almost a whole month after their phone call. We had been trying to get pregnant for 2 weeks and never expected the news that was coming. Luckily my husband had taken time off that morning to attend the appointment with me. It wasn’t like any other appointment I have ever had. We were brought into a small room, and waited. From there the nurse came to get us and we met with the doctor in his private office. It was here that everything changed. The worse news of my life was coming out of his mouth and I had no idea what was happening.

My OBGYN told me that the cardiologist had some concerns and sent him a letter stating that I shouldn’t get pregnant. The cardiologist diagnosed with with Pulmonary Hypertension, a heart disease that is fatal in pregnant women. I had no idea what he was talking about, my cardiologist NEVER called me after my echo. He NEVER told me that I had this condition that would be fatal if I got pregnant. I was hearing it for the first time from a gynecologist! We were advised by the OBGYN to stop immediately from trying to get pregnant. That getting pregnant would have severe consequences. Little did we all know that as I sat in that room, on that Tuesday morning that I was already pregnant.

Three days later I was at work and I just knew. This sense came over my body and I knew I was pregnant. I got home that Friday evening at 6pm and we took a test. It was positive, I was pregnant. I lost it, I couldn’t stop crying, my soul was crushed. I called my mom hysterical, and there was nothing we could do. We had to wait until Monday morning to call the doctor and let them know. Monday came and I called first thing in the morning. They immediately scheduled a neonatal specialist to come from 3 hours away to meet with us at the hospital on Tuesday to let us know our options.

Our options was severely limited. There was no way to go through our pregnancy with both my self and the baby surviving. We immediately scheduled to have a second opinion with another cardiologist. They got us in on Friday just 3 days later. They preformed another echocardiogram, which showed that everything was ok. The first doctor misdiagnosed me, and I was completely fine! What a relief, or so I thought.

A few weeks went by and we were FINALLY settling in to being pregnant! We were having a baby! A baby that I prayed for endless hours that I would get to keep. We finally announced to our friends and family that we were pregnant! We put that little ultrasound on Facebook for all to see. But….. days later it would all change.

Sunday March 3rd, I woke up and it was still dark outside. My husband was already at work. I felt a sensation and went to the bathroom. I didn’t turn the light on, but I knew the moment I pulled my pants down something was wrong. I got up and turned on the light and I saw it. I was bleeding. Hysterical I called my husband, screaming that I needed to go to the hospital. He rushed home, luckily work was only right down the street. I called my mom while I waited, she didn’t answer so I tried my dad. He answered and all I could do was hysterically cry and yell at him that my baby was gone. He woke my mom and she was able to calm me until my husband got home.

We went to the ER, praying the whole way that they would tell me I was wrong. They would tell me my baby was fine and the bleeding was going to stop. But that never came. They told us that the baby didn’t have a heart beat and was gone. We left numb, not knowing what to do. I couldn’t breath, my world was crashing down.

A few days later I sat in the waiting room at the hospital. The doctors getting ready to preform a D&C. The nurse came into the waiting room and called my name, numbly I stood taking two steps forward. My feet became glued to the floor and I couldn’t do anything more then stand there holding my stomach and crying. The amount of grief and loss I felt leaving that hospital was so great. I didn’t know how I was going to function.

I will also wonder about that little baby, who they would have been, if it was a boy or a girl, would they look like me or my husband? I wish more then anything I would have gotten to see my babies face at least once, to hold my baby  just once. After months of anger and depression there was a little light at the end of the tunnel. That light was Chief. Our rainbow baby.




I am 1 in 4.