Arctic Adventures Part 2

Welcome to our Arctic Adventures Part 2. We have been working with our arctic materials for a little over a month now, and chief loves them. If you have not read Part One of our adventures you can find it here.

Blubber Experiment

This was our most anticipated experiment on our Arctic Adventure. Chief and I went through his arctic animals and spoke about how they kept warm during the cold winter months. He thought that his whales would be the coldest because they live in cold water.

We went through his arctic animals and talked about how we thought they stayed warm. Of course as a 3 year old he came up with funny things like, they sleep with their mommy, they buy a sweater, they move where it is warm like Florida, etc.

Now, the best part. We did our blubber experiment and here is how it went, and what we discovered.

  • First, we filled a bowl with cold water and Chief put in his bare hands to see just how old the water is without the protection of blubber.
  • Then we put on gloves(this part is a must) to help keep our hands clean, and then I covered his hand with cooking lard. You can use Crisco, but I found that Target carried an off brand box for only $1.89 so I went with that since we would just be throwing it away.
  • Once his hand was ready, he slowly submerged his hand into the icy water. He was pretty shocked that his had was not getting cold.
  • Next, he placed his bare hand and his “blubber” hand into the cold water and told me which one was warmer. He thought this part was really cool, because to him they were the same hand. I explained to him that it was the “blubber”, like on the Polar Bear that was keeping his hand warm.
  • He played around with the water and “blubber” for a few minutes, but then our “blubber” started to fall off. I highly recommend that you wrap your hand in plastic wrap to keep the “blubber” in place.

This was a super fun and inexpensive experiment to do with him. I am always looking for hands on learning to help enhance his school days, and make things more fun.

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Arctic Flash Cards

In Part One of our Arctic Adventures I expressed my love you Safari Toob Animals. Using out Arctic toob animals I created flash cards that help with recognition, and matching.  We can use these cards to help with reading as Chief gets older.

Creating the flash cards was super simple. Using a light box with a white background I took clear pictures of each animal. I uploaded each picture into Microsoft Word and formatted the picture to the size desired. I made our card 4inx6in to make them easy to handle.

Snow Slime

We made our snow slime back in Part One. While it has lasted us for about 5 uses, it did start to turn back into a liquid state. We dumped some of the liquid out, remixed it and it was good as new.

This is one of Chief’s favorite activities, most likely because it seems messy and he can be really hands on with it. His favorite thing is to pretend that his whales, and walrus are swimming in the ocean looking for food.


❤️ Brittny

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Our Arctic Adventures Part 1

Winter is upon us or so we hear them say for all the states above us. Living in Florida leaves us with 12 months of warm weather. It’s November, and its currently above 80 degrees outside almost every single say. So we are bring winter into our home by learning about the Arctic.

With our plans to move to Michigan in the very near future, we felt it was time to learn about the different climates around the world. Since it is almost time for winter, or what us Floridan’s call winter. We decided to start with the Arctic and Chief is super excited.

Making Snow Slime

Recently I read a homeschooling blog Side by Side Learning, where they have climate themed workboxes. I thought this sounded super fun, but I wanted to put my own spin on it. We currently have our classroom set up Montessori style. We have trays and baskets each containing their own separate work. Chief has the option to choose whichever work he would like to do, and he completes it until he is finished.

This week we started our with our new work, Arctic snow slime.  It is pretty cool, and very simple to make. We used the recipe from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls. To go along with our snow slime I purchased the Arctic toob collection from Hobby Lobby, plus side is you can use a 40% off coupon! If you order online don’t forget to use ebates(affiliated link), this will give you an additional 2% cash back on your order.

After making our snow slime, Chief experimented with putting his arctic animals in the snow and seeing their tracks. This activity kept him entertained for about 30 minutes as he looked at the tracks in the snow, he made a little story about the whales and the wolves, and just had fun.

After Chief was done exploring this new work, we added it to a tray on his work shelves so that he can work with it as he chooses.

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Arctic Toob Animals

This weekend I will be photographing our Arctic toob animals on a white background and printing out cards for matching. I will also be creating flashcards with animal tracks once Chief because more familiar with each Arctic animal. He will then be able to match each animals based on the track marks they leave in our snow slime.

Safari Toob collections are one of my most favorite tools to bring into the classroom. They offer such an amazing variety, for just about any topic. I love that these collections are very life like, and not cartoonish at all. This helps with being able to distinguish these animals, people, places, plants, etc. in person. The Safari website also has a lot of information regarding the items in their collections.

Future Arctic Studies

Our work with the Arctic climate will last us several week, most likely through January. We will be adding additional adventures, projects and activities as the time goes on. So make sure to come back and read up on what we have learned.

Please feel free to comment with any arctic adventures you have taken with your family.