LifeProof 6plus Frē Case Review

** This review is my own honest opinion and I received no compensation to write this review.**

Do you have little ones always asking to play with your phone? I know I do, and I am always terrified that it will get broken. Not only is my child clumsy, but he gets it from me. I constantly drop my phone while I am using it. It is my rule that every time I get a new phone, I get a LifeProof case to go on it. These cases have never failed me, and trust me I put them to good use.


I order this case from Lifeproof directly. I was unsure which color to choose, as a few stood out to me. I previously had the Sunset Pink, but found that when I put it in my jeans pocket that it would discolor the pink rubber. Over time this lead to my case looking dingy and dirty.  I finally decided on the Banzai Blue case. I was pleasantly surprised at the color. It is bright and vibrant with a variation of a lighter and darker blue, and a splash of lime green. The colors go together very well, and I love it.

You can see the inside of the case has rubber gaskets and shock absorbers, to help make this case what it is. These cases are waterproof up to 6.6 feet for 1 hour and drop proof from heights of 6.6 feet, dirt proof and snow proof. I can attest to most of these, it doesn’t snow in Florida so I honestly can’t say how they do in snow. As for the waterproof features, I frequently take my phone to the beach, and the swimming pool and have taken my phone in the water in both places with no issues. A mom tip, if those sticky fingers get your phone you can easily rinse it off under the faucet with no worries of ruining your phone. The most important thing, once you receive your LifeProof case do the water test, before using it in or around water!









My favorite feature of the LifeProof case is the fact that I can drop my case from 6.6 feet and my phone is still fine. Between my self and Chief, my phone gets dropped at least once a day if not more. Each time the phone hits the ground everyone around me cringes. I just shrug my shoulders and say don’t worry, its ok I have a LifeProof case.

The iPhone series is very well constructed, and is not bulky or a heavy addition to your phone. I have tried several other brands and they are much larger and heavier then my LifeProof. I recommend this case to all my friends, and they don’t only have cases for iPhones. They also have cases for Samsung, Motorola, LG, and Google phones. So there is a case for everyone.

To order your LifeProof case head over to their website and find the case that is a perfect match for you.  You can receive 5% cash back by using ebates when placing your order. If you do not have ebates, then sign up today and start receiving cash back on your purchases. Use this link (affiliated link) when registering and receive $10 cash back after you purchase $25 worth of qualifying products at hundreds of possible online stores.


Coolit Plate Review

Do you struggle with screaming kids at dinner time? I can’t eat this mommy, its too hot! Mommy, blow on my spaghetti! Mom, it’s like lava(my husband grew up saying this)! Mom, it burned my tongue! Well, it’s finally here! A product to help with this task in the quickest way possible. No more sticking it in the freezer for what seems like a life time to your 4 year old, but is really only 5 minutes who then take this time to throw a fit and roll all over the kitchen floor.

So this Christmas my sister-in- law got me a Coolit plate. I opened it and thought, how cool could this really be?(Pun intended) So I gave it a wash and plopped it in the freezer. The recommended freeze time before use is 4 hours. Not so bad considering it was late morning when I added it to the freezer. It would be ready in time for dinner.


The Coolest Product out there

The Coolit, is a 2″x8″ dish that holds about a cup of food, and cools food in approximately one minute. This product is made by two loving parents, who have two littles of their own and have experience with dinner time melt downs. 

WOW! Can I say that I am AMAZED at how COOL this product is! Seriously! The first meal I used it for was Spaghetti. I figured it would cool quickly, and be ready for the table in seconds. Chief had been all over me in the kitchen wanting to know when his noodles would be done because he was starving. No mention of the fact he ate a snack 15 minutes before I started cooking. 

After many uses I decided to try it the other night when I made beef stew in our Instant Pressure Cooker. I took the soup straight from the pot practically still boiling and placed it in the bowl. Within the first minute the broth was cool enough to eat, but the meat and veggies were still fairly hot. I Poured the broth into a bowl and chopped up the veggies and meat a tad smaller and they cooled within the second minute. Afterwards though the bowl was not cool enough to cool another meal.

I have noticed that with some meals such as pastas, meats, and veggies, that you can get at least two servings out of one Coolit plate, but when used with the hot soup I was only able to get one serving. If you have more then 2 little kids, or plan to use it frequently on soups I would recommend you get more then one Coolit plate.


Directions for Coolit

The Coolit is seriously easy to use. There are 4 steps to the Coolit process.

  1. Wash Coolit before first use and place in the freeze for at least 4 hours before use.
  2. Place hot foods on frozen Coolit(cut larger pieces into smaller chunks)
  3. Stir for approximately 1 minute or until cool.
  4. Test food to make sure it is at a good temperature, and transfer to plate.

Seriously, that’s it! Time for dinner!

Overall, I really recommend this product. I wish I had know about it sooner, it would have helped with meal time as we usually had to place Chief’s dinner in the freezer for 5 minutes before it was cool enough to eat.

If you would like to order this product or find more information about this product, you can find it here. This review is my own personal opinion and I was not provided anything as compensation to write this review.


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