Half Way Through 1st Grade

Wow! Has it really been 21 weeks since we started our 1st grade curriculum?! This year seems to be flying by. Here is a little run down of how our year has gone so far.

Figuring our Curriculum

Our biggest challenge of homeschooling is deciding on curriculum. This year we have decided to use several different programs and they are working well for us.

Our first program that we use is Reading Eggs. I stumbled upon this program last year when I had the flu, and couldn’t be happier with it. It was seriously life changing for our reading program. With in 2 months Chief was reading, where as before he had no interest at all in reading.  The video, games and worksheets are wonderful. There is also a spelling program integrated into Reading Eggs that we use as well.

Along with Reading Eggs, is a program called Mathseeds. We are currently using this program for our math program. It also has fun videos, games, and worksheets that go along with the lessons. At the end of a map (about 10 lessons, they have a little quiz to make sure that they under stand the work they have been learning.


For Science, we use an interactive notebook, youtube videos, and books. Each 9 weeks our theme will change. We are currently working on a space theme.

Our last piece of curriculum we use is Florida Virtual School. This is a free program offered to homeschoolers through out the state of Florida. We use this program for our Art, and Technology. These classes are a great addition to our program this year. Chief loves being able to interact with his teachers and classmates on the computer. He is most excited about using the webcam.

Our typical school day

Our typical school day really changes through out the school year. Currently our school day starts in the late morning, early afternoon.  I have observed that Chief works better working later in the day, then earlier.

Monday & Tuesdays usually consist of working from Reading Eggs, Mathseeds, and our FLVS Art class. We start with our computer lessons and then move on to doing our worksheets, and art work.

Wednesdays is our easiest day of the week. This is the day we focus on our Science, spelling, and any make up work from the previous two days. I will usually plan any field trips for this day so that we don’t have a tun of work to make up for the week.

Thursday & Fridays, we switch back to reading eggs, mathseeds. We also have our Technology live class through FLVS and any work that goes along with that lesson. Our school days are not very crazy, not very structured, and things can change at anytime. I typically readjust the schedule as I see fit, to make it work better for our family.

The most important thing to remember about scheduling your day, is to go with the flow. Try not to over schedule your days. This causes to much stress, and you will find your self arguing with your littles ones to get these done in accordance to the schedule.

Remember to stay flexible

The biggest thing we have learned the year is to stay flexible with out plans. Things change in an instant, and if we spend to much time obsessing on when things will get finished we will got crazy. We had SEVERAL things come up this year from surgical complications, illness, family coming to stay because of a hurricane, trips, etc.

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the lack of pressure to complete things the way people expect them to be completed. It is OK to make up a school day on a Saturday or Sunday. It is even ok to have a regular school day on a Saturday or Sunday. Not everyone is a stay at home mom/dad, but we make our homeschooling schedule work for us the best way we can.

Yes, we typically do our school days Monday-Friday, but did you know that we don’t usually start our day until 12:00 pm or later? I know some of you are like YIKES!, but this is what works for Chief. He learns better later in the afternoon, gets less frustrated with his work, and is calmer.

Overall, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. This is exactly why most of us choose to homeschool, for the flexibility and ability to do things the way we choose. Tell me, what is your typical school day like?


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