Happy Halloween!

Wow! I can’t believe it is already Halloween! Where has the year gone? For the last 3 halloweens we have always gone to the same place in our town. This year we did something different. We went to my husbands aunt’s house. We recently reconnected with part of his family after 4 years, so it was nice to get together and spend time with everyone.

We had a fantastic time! Little man went as our version of Captain America. Little man has never been a fan of costumes and I previously purchased some and he flat out refused to wear them. So now we piece together our own outfits. On the plus side, they are not just for halloween, but worn year round. This year you can find me out with either a Fireman or Captain America. He loves to dress up as those to characters, and I love to fuel his imagination.


I asked him to say cheese. He said, I’m not giving you no cheese, mommy!


We got an astonishing 4 buckets of candy, and it is now all hidden in the pantry, and the chocolate is hidden in the freezer. Just admit it, the chocolate is for the moms, and its more delicious in the freezer. We are very grateful that his aunt’s neighborhood puts on such a great Halloween for the children. We walked a lot, played a lot, and over all had an amazing time. I would say that the only down side we had, was it’s a HUGE neighborhood and no bathrooms. We had a bathroom emergency about an hour in, and since little man doesn’t know how to stand and go potty yet we were in desperate need of a bathroom. Luckily, the next street we turned on had a Sheriff Deputy and he was more then generous to let us use his bathroom. After about 2 hours of walking, Papa and Louie went back and got the truck to pick everyone up since we were so far into the neighborhood and the kids didn’t want to walk anymore, plus my legs were so done and going numb so it was time to head home.

I can’t believe that we have just celebrated our 4th halloween with little man, and next up is Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS! I hope everyone had a great halloween with their little ones!




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