Holiday Traditions and Family

Boy it has been a busy few weeks. The holiday’s have officially started! This is always a super busy time for our family, as we really enjoy this time of year. So excited for all of our family Traditions.


Yes, I know this has already passed, but I can’t help but talk about my favorite food holiday. Our Thanksgiving is usually spent at home with just Chief, my husband and my self. This year was a big change for us, and we did things a little differently.

We have not spoken to part of my husbands family since I became pregnant with Chief. Long back story there. A few months ago his grandfathers cancer became worse, and it brought our families back together. We have really made an effort to be a family again, and chose to spend Thanksgiving with them.

It was nice being able to spent time with everyone again. I’ll be the first to say, it is odd being together like nothing happened after a long period of time. But I believe that this is what this holiday is about. Coming together and being Thankful for all the things you have in your life. I am so thankful that everyone can be a family again, get along, and spend time together.

In all, we had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Lots and lots of turkey, sides, and desserts. The food is by far one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving. I absolutely love Turkey, and left over turkey sandwiches. Plus, I love to cook. This year I made dessert for our get together.

Rice Crispy Turkey Legs.
Rice Crispy Turkey Legs.

I made these awesome Rice Crispy Turkey Legs treats for the kiddos. They were super easy to make, and the kids thought they were the coolest things ever. I found the recipe here. I had the same struggles that they did in the video. It was quite comical. I decided to cool my rice crispy’s in the fridge, and they I took them out to form them. This was MUCH easier then trying to do it while they were warm and gooey. In the end they were super yummy and well loved.


Now, this is my FAVORITE holiday. I love everything about Christmas, from the decorating, to the music, the weather outside (well when its not 80 degrees), the baking, and just the over all spirit of Christmas.

We started decorating early this year. I just couldn’t wait. We put up our Christmas Tree on November 1st, but didn’t decorate it. Which luckily we didn’t because I actually purchased a new tree after we set up our other tree. I couldn’t help it. My dream tree was on sale, so I just went for it.

We finally put up the decorations on the new tree a few days before Thanksgiving and its beautiful. I was finally able to go with the theme that I have always wanted, which is a country rustic theme.


Christmas Traditions

Christmas is a time filled with traditions for our family. A tradition that has gone on in my family for the past 30 years, is that all the kids get new Christmas pajama’s each year. That way they will all look good in Christmas morning pictures. This will be the first year that my mom has decided to only do this tradition with just the grandchildren. This has been a shock to me. I love tradition and I hate when it gets broken. But I guess now that I am 30, its time to continue the tradition on my self. The bummer of being an adult. Time to hit up Target.


Another Christmas tradition that my family has, is that each child has their own mini Christmas tree in their bedroom. My mom bought Chief his for his first Christmas. Each year she purchases all the grandchildren an ornaments based off their interest. I love this, as it is like a memory of each child and their personality throughout the years. We have also expanded on this tradition and we purchase a family ornament each year for our tree in the living room.

Tell me what some of your family traditions are. What do you do for the holidays?





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