Our First Post!

Well I finally decided to do this. Where to start? Well, here is a bit about our family. My name is Brittny, and I am a stay at home mom to a very adventurous three and a half-year old and a wife to one amazing husband who makes this all happen.

I haven’t always been a stay at home mom, I had big dreams of working in a busy office and being important in the business world. Then my son was born and my whole view changed. I was a Senior Paralegal and Office Manager to a small law firm and I loved my job. Then one day things changed, I made a decision to work later than usual and the unthinkable happened. My husband and son were in a bad car accident, and my views changed. I realized that my family was more important than a job that I was constantly stressed out from, and always busy or running late.

Life after this incident was different. I made a huge effort to work less, stress less and be overall happier. I lost my job not long after the accident and it was a huge blessing. This allowed me to find a new job, where I could bring my little guy to work with me every day. I adored my job more than anything. I worked as an administrative assistant at a Montessori school and man it was amazing. Watching my little guy learn so much everyday, along with falling in love with each and every one of our students was the best thing ever. Unfortunately, in December 2015 the unthinkable happened again. Just days before Christmas, my son and I were in a terrible car accident. So, here is where my life as a stay at home mom comes into play.

We recently started our journey into homeschooling. We had a great headstart with our son being in a Montessori school for 2 years. He is a very bright boy, and enjoys learning new things each day. We use a mixture of Pre-K curriculum that we have purchased from wonderful homeschool moms and Montessori practices.


I also use a font that I downloaded from dafont.com called trace. I am able to type out letters that he is then able to trace to learn the flow of each letter. Once he has traced his letters, he tries to write them on his own. Some come out better then others, he is struggling with his “s” letters but trying so hard. We decided that we were going to start on the letters in his name, so that he can learn to write his name. So far we have acomplished the letters “s”, “t” and are currently working on “e”. Today he was actually able to write his name on his own, and I was so proud I almost cried! img_1223

I can not wait to see what else he learns! There is nothing more satasifying then watching your baby boy turn into a little boy right before your eyes. The pure joy and excitement he gets when he learns something new is just amazing. Each day brings new tasks, new adventures, new lessons, and so much love.