Re-Organizing our Classroom AGAIN

Wow, am I really re-organizing our classroom AGAIN?! I seem to do this every few months, but I am never satisfied with how things have turned out. So, here we go again for hopefully the last time.

Purchasing the desks

This time I decided to change it up. Instead of using hand me down items and trying to piece together what I wanted, I decided to just purchase everything I wanted from Ikea. I have had an idea of what I wanted in my head for sometime, so I decided to just go for it.

The first thing I wanted to get was the Linnmon desktops with legs. I love how these look, and they are large enough to not feel too big, but are the perfect size for what we need. We used 3 desk tops total, 2 for our each individual desks and computers, and one for our joint work space.

I love having the center work space. It gives each of us the ability to turn and work on a clean surface, and allows me to help Chief with his classwork without having to squeeze together at the desk. This is also a great way to keep him from being getting distracted by having his computer on the same desk he is doing classwork on.

Setting up our books

For this task I was unsure of what I wanted to do. I knew that I wanted a way to display the books better so that Chief would take more of an interest in reading, but I was unsure how to display them. So, like every other mom I took to Pinterest. I found several options that I liked, but was still unsure.

After deciding and changing my mind about 145 times, I decided on the rain gutter book shelves. I’ve heard mixed reviews on how many books they hold, and that they can bend if they get to heavy. So, to combat this issue I purchased a Kallax bookshelf from Ikea to hold the bulk of our books, and we only display a few books of each shelf. I will then rotate out the books as the year goes, and he masters certain books. I will also rotate in some holiday books near specific holidays.

Building the Rain Gutter Bookshelf

Building the rain gutter bookshelves was the easiest thing ever. It probably took only 10 minutes to get them cut to size and ready to be put up onto the wall. These are the items we used to build the shelves:

To build the shelves, we measured and cut down the vinyl rain gutter to 3.5ft for each section. We choose to use our miter saw to make these cuts faster, but if you don’t have a miter saw you can easily use a hacksaw instead. Once they were cut to size I added the end caps and we brought them in to hang.

To hang, we drilled 3 small pilot holes in the rain gutters and then leveled the gutter out on the wall where we wanted to place it. We use a pencil to mark the spots to screw, screwed in the drywall anchors (very important, do not skip this step), screwed the gutter to the wall and that’s it. Simple as that.

The finished product

Overall the remodel went completely like I planned it out in my head. I think I have finally reached classroom peace, and don’t plan to remodel the room again for some time to come. Well, at least that is the plan for now.

The only hiccup we had was ordering our items from Ikea. Every single item from our first order arrived severely damaged, then the replacement items for those came and all but 1 item was damaged. In the end Ikea did make things right, but I am still receiving items that are broken. So chances of me ordering from Ikea again are slim. Next time I’ll just bribe my sister in law to drive me up to Ikea.

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