Sleeping in his own room!

Sleeping has always been a problem in this house. I have grown up with sleep issues, and it seems that I have passed that along to Chief. For the last year and a half he has co-slept with me, and my husband has slept in his room. While I loved having him in my bed, it was definitely time for a change.

The decision to co-sleep

I never thought this would be a topic that I would discuss. When Chief was born there was never an intention of co-sleeping. It wasn’t until he was about 2 1/2 years old that his night terrors started. At first we tried to keep him in his own bed, but it was exhausting being woken up 2-3 times a night. It wasn’t a normal wake up either, it was bolting awake to the sounds of your child’s terrifying screams. I would fly out of bed, instantly awake with no chance of falling back to sleep quickly. Added to the fact that at this time I was still working and was just purely exhausted.

After weeks of night terrors, I caved. I brought Chief into bed with us, and it was great. Well, for Chief and I it was. My husband hated it. He decided that he would sleep in Chiefs room, and we would sleep in our bed. We figured that it would only be for a week or so, and then his night terrors would subside. Little did we know that it would last over a year. Luckily my husband was a good sport about it.The set up we had worked for us, so we just rolled with it.

The decision to co-sleep is difficult for some, and so simple for others. If you make the decision to co-sleep make sure that you read up on the safety precautions that need to be taken. The biggest thing I learned during our co-sleeping journey is to not let anyone make you feel bad for your decision. Yes, co-sleeping isn’t for everyone but it could be just what you need for your family.

The Change in Sleeping Arrangments

We finally decided it was time for a change. Chief keeps telling me he is a big boy, so I told him if he was a big boy them it was time to sleep in his own room. We talking about what would happen once he started to sleep in his own room. He understands that it means that Mommy will not be in bed with him when he falls asleep, even though we are still working on this part.

There are many ways you can go about moving your child into their own room. There is no right or wrong way, as long as it works for your family. I have chosen a rather controversial method, by putting a TV in his room. Gasp! I know, terrible mom. But this is what works for Chief. Right now we leave the TV on until he falls asleep. This helps keep him in the room until he is fully tired. Otherwise, he is up and down a million times a night. The hope is, that once he gets use to being in his room alone, that we can start to time the length that the TV is on.

Laying with his pup Raylan
Laying with his pup Raylan

This is not going to be an easy change by any means. But I am looking for anyway to make this easier on all of us. The biggest plus so far is that I don’t work at the moment, so I am able to sleep in and take a nap. Tonight might even be an early bedtime for mommy.


Adding Monster Spray to the Mix

It has been had keeping him in his bed, not giving into the temptation to just go in a lay down with him. It is exhausting, but I know that its for the best for Chief.

I use essential oils on occasion and have found that they work great. Last night as Chief was crying that he couldn’t be alone because the monsters and bad guys would get him. Then it came, a flash of an idea. I jumped out of bed and grabbed my oil kit. My mom had given me little spray bottles to make hand sanitizer previously. So I grabbed my bottle of lavender, a little spray bottle and some tap water. I put two drops of lavender oil into the bottle and topped it off with water, gave it a shake and ran it into his room. He was so excited to have his own special spray to get rid of the bad guys.

Magically it seems the spray has worked. At least for one night. We shall see what the rest of the week holds. I am hoping that eventually he will be able to sleep on his own with out 100 ups and downs all night, but for now I am grateful for everything I can get.

If you do choose to go this route with your little here are items I used.

Whatever works for your family

There is no magic fix to sleep issues. A quick search of google will produce thousands of ways to get your child to sleep. You have to do your research, find what works best for your family and go from there.

Don’t fear, while one way may seem like the absolute perfect way to go for your child. Only to find out 2 days in that it is making your child absolutely miserable. Don’t stick with just one way either. Mix a combination of ideas to form the perfect sleep schedule and ideas.

Good luck in your search to find the perfect way to get your littles to sleep.



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Daylight Savings Time is Here

Well the time has arrived. Today is the last day of Daylight Savings Time and our clocks will go back 1 hour while we sleep. As parents we are no longer afforded the luxury of sleeping in that extra house, even though we are the ones who need it most.

Sleep issues are coming.

Does your child already have sleep issues? We sure do. At almost 4 year old, Chief still does not sleep in his own bed and does not sleep through the night. As a stay at home mom, this is not something that has concerned me. The time changes can be horrendous on our schedule, sleep and sanity. We do little things to help make it easier that seem to work for Chief, but may not work for all.

Naps or rest time is usually inevitable during these changes, especially on mornings where he has gotten up earlier then usual. We have not had a true nap time for about 6 months, but we do rest. Our rest time is usually around 1-2pm in the afternoon, and about 45minutes to a hour long. We will rest wherever he likes, usually on the couch where we watch a movie or tv show. But lets be real, Mommy is the one who needs these naps and rest times more then they do. We are the ones who are up all hours of the night.

Releasing all his energy at the park with the hopes he will sleep well tonight.

Adjusting bed time is usually inevitable as well. While he is usually in bed my 7pm, we will increase it to about 7:30-8:00pm. My hopes of doing this, is that he sleeps in longer in the morning. I have found that getting up to early makes for a very cranky start to our day. We spent today at the park with the hops that it will help release all his extra energy, and fingers crossed he sleeps well tonight.

Here is to hoping that all our little ones sleep well during the time change, and pray they let us sleep in. Even if it is only an extra 20 minutes.

To whom ever invented the time change, What were you thinking? Obviously you didn’t have children.