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Have you ever wanted to make a drastic change to your hair? Like really drastic? I have, and I do it about every 2-3 years. We are actually at the 2 year mark since I cut 18 inches of my hair and made a donation to Wigs for Kids.

Before cutting my hair it was SO long. Long enough that I was sitting on it, getting it caught in things, and it took FOREVER to do anything with it. So, I decided that after my wedding that I would get it cut and donate my hair to an organization that made wigs for cancer patients. I reached out to a few friends to find the best organization to donate to, as I wanted it to go to a true non profit organization.


Who to choose? Locks of Love, Wigs for Kids, or Pantene Beautiful Locks? After a lot of research on my end I chose to go with Wigs for Kids. I chose this organization because they truly donate full wigs to children. There is absolutely no cost to the recipient, which normally would have cost approx. $1,800.  They also use ALL of the hair provided to them. They do not throw hair away unless it was molded during shipment, which happens when you ship wet hair.

Donating to Wigs for Kids is a really simple process. You need at MINIMUM 12 inches of hair, and it can not be colored, treated, or dreadlocked. Check out this link to their frequently asked questions for hair donations. Once you have decided to donate, make an appointment at your local salon, or check out the salon ambassadors for the organization here. Some shops will offer free or discounted hair cuts with your donation. After your hair is cut, head over to the donation form and fill it out to receive your tracking number. If you would also like to make a financial donation with your hair make sure to fill out this donation form.

So long!

Why do I choose to donate my hair? Well, its pretty simple. Why not? I don’t need the extra hair, it doesn’t need to be thrown away and I would want someone to show me kindness like this if I ever needed it. I would want someone to help my child if god forbid he ever need to use this resource. I use this answer for a lot of things in life when people ask me such questions.  We all need to reach deep down in our hearts and have this outlook in life. We have to come together and do what we can to help each other.

So much shorter!









This week marks two years since I gave my last donation and it’s about that time to have it cut again. My hair grows super crazy fast as is almost as long as it was two years ago who I donated. I had previously let it grow a little longer because I was getting married and wanted my long hair for my wedding photos.

Feeling Beautiful

Being that I live in Florida and summers are nothing short of living in a constant sweat, its about time for a shorter do. So make sure you stay tuned to my social media pages to see my new hair do!  Let me know below if you have ever made a donation or if you plan to! I’d love to see your before and after photos!

❤️ Brittny

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