My name is Brittny and I am a wife and mother to an amazing set of gentleman. Our life is absolutely crazy but I would not change anything. We currently live in Central, FL and my husband works for an amazing company, while I stay at home with our little guy Chief . To add to the crazy, I am currently homeschooling Chief for his Pre-K year. So you can find us covered in paint, glitter, dirt or any other random boy messes. Welcome to our adventures!


Meet Chief

He is a rambunctious 3 year old, who is so full of love and energy its unbelievable. I call him Chief, because on any given day you can find him dressed as a firefighter and playing with his fire trucks or trying to convince me to take him to the station so he can go to work. He is currently homeschooling, and we are working on his letter recognition and number recognition. While he is very smart, he has struggled in these two areas.