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Welcome to our Blog! Let me start by introducing you to our family. We are a small family of 3 with Me(Brittny), my husband Steve, our 7-year-old Chief and last but not least our 9-year-old pup Raylan. We currently live in North Florida on the East Coast, where we homeschool and take family adventures.

Living in Florida

Our family has lived in Florida our entire lives. Both my husband and I were born and raised in Florida. I am originally from South Florida, West Palm Beach to be exact and my husband is from Central Florida, Daytona Beach. When I turned 18 I moved away from home, to Daytona Beach. It would be another 4 years before I met my husband. From there we moved over to Orlando, Florida for me to complete my bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida. Orlando is a CRAZY city, one I knew I did not want to live in. So, upon graduation, we moved to where we currently live on the east coast.

In 2013 the opportunity presented itself for us to purchase our first home! Boy, what a challenge that turned out to be, but it was completely worth it. Wow, we have lived in our house for 6 years now, and we are feeling the itch to move. We are not sure where to as of yet, but we are hoping for somewhere outside of Florida! We would love to live in a state where the summer months are not 110 degrees with 110% humidity. Somewhere with seasons, a true fall, winter, spring, and summer would be perfect.

So, stay tuned to see where we end up! (Hopefully somewhere new in 2021!)

Deciding to Homeschool

Deciding to homeschool our children was something that happened a long time ago. I knew way before I had children that I would homeschool them no matter what. Attending public school was not the best experience for me. I ended up dropping out in high school, getting my GED and graduating with 2 college degrees. So, dropping out isn’t always a bad thing for some people. For me, it was the best decision I could have made for my academic life. So, when my husband and I decided to have children I spoke of my want to homeschool our children and he agreed.

We didn’t know exactly how we were going to make it work, as I worked over an hour away in Orlando at a busy law firm, and he worked retail. We just knew that when the time came, we would figure it out and make it work. That time came in 2016 when Chief entered preschool age. My job situation had drastically changed in 2013 when I left the law firm and began working at a Montessori School, and then I left the Montessori school in 2016 to be a stay at home mom. Let the homeschooling begin!

Starting to Homeschool

In 2016, we started with what our state called VPK(Voluntary Pre- Kindergarten) work. But soon realized that the work was to easy for Chief, so we jumped straight into Kindergarten. He loved it, we had fun while learning, went on field trips, met new homeschool friends, and so much more. I loved getting to watch our son learn and blossom before my eyes. It has been almost 4 years since we began homeschooling and boy has it been great!

Sure, there have been struggles, tears, yelling, and meltdowns (for both of us), but for all the bad there has been much more good. Chief learned how to read in 2017, we’ve been on so many field trips I’ve lost count, we’ve schooled through hurricanes, schooled on family trips, visited family for several weeks at a time, and so much more! Things we would not have been able to do if we did not home school.

For those who are starting out their homeschooling journey, don’t be nervous. Just jump in with both feet and don’t look back! We started our journey with no real plan, no real curriculum, and no real schedule. It hasn’t stayed that way, and we are much more scheduled, we have an actual curriculum, and we always have a plan (even if it changes). You will find your own homeschooling groove and ways to make this journey work for your family!

Thanks for popping by and getting to know us! Stay tuned for more about our homeschool and family adventures! If you have any questions about getting started with homeschooling, drop a comment below!

Brittny ❤️

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